To Outsource or Not to Outsource Your Physical Therapy Service Line Management?

The American Journal of Orthopedics – November 2014
by Jennifer A. O’Brien, MSOD

cover_AJO_Nov2014_ToOutsourceOrNot_PT_JOBYou currently offer a physical therapy (PT) service line but feel like it could be doing better, or you are thinking of adding PT services and are not sure
where to begin. Either way, the thought of your patients and bottom line benefiting from PT services within your practice but without you having to manage another service line is appealing. Although related to orthopedic surgery and an obvious ancillary service, PT is a different type of practice that requires active management of the professionals, revenue cycle, operations, regulatory requirements, and changing coding and reimbursement protocols. There are
more and more companies nationwide that claim a mastery of the PT management niche and would be more than happy to shoulder your burden and share in your profits. Whether you already have PT services in your practice or are looking to add them, proceed with care and caution as you consider partnering with a PT management company.

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