Blueprint for Building a Platinum Plastic Surgery Practice

Platinum is precious and one of the rarer elements on the periodic table. In a community of competitors—some qualified, some not—position your practice and team to be like platinum.

A platinum patient consultation is lustrous and memorable, like the element itself. A platinum practice doesn’t fall victim to “this is what everybody else in town is doing.” Platinum practices are malleable — another key characteristic of this precious metal. If your practice is firmly stuck in “this is the way we’ve always done it,” it’s time to change your thinking. And, is it any surprise that platinum’s symbol on the periodic chart is “Pt?”

Join us for this seven-hour workshop and we’ll show you how to move your practice from copper, silver or gold to the ultimate platinum level. If you implement even half of the principles covered in this course, it is possible to schedule two additional cases a month. Assuming your average professional fee is $5,000, that’s a potential $120,000 in additional revenue — from patients who are already coming in to see you.

You will learn how to achieve an exceptional Patient Acceptance Rate (PAR). And a complimentary pre-workshop assessment will show you how your “selling” style compliments different patients’ “buying” styles. We’ll show you how to modify your approach and appeal to the patient.

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Karen Zupko